4 Secrets for Storing Wreaths and Other Holiday Decor

Holiday décor is an integral part of the Christmas fun. But it’s no fun to put the decorations back in storage once the holidays are over. Most decorations are fragile, oddly shaped, and hence difficult to pack. Improper packing can cause them to break or make it frustrating for you to unpack them when it’s time to use them again. Use the smart ways to pack your decorations, so your future self will thank you next year. Check out our previous blog for storing items like Christmas lights and ornaments!

Store Wreaths without Squishing Them

Wreaths made of natural dried substances can be used for another year if stored carefully. Whereas artificial wreaths are made to last indefinitely, they can be squished or damaged if not properly stored.

One of the ways you can store wreaths is to put the wreaths on a hanger and put them in a cupboard to prevent them from going flat. Another way is to wrap them and hang them on a wall peg. The best protection, however, will be to invest in a hard shell wreath storage box that will provide guaranteed protection.

Put Pillows and Blankets in Airtight Containers

Your holiday pillows and blankets are usually stored away for the entire year in the basement or attic where there’s a discernable temperature difference. To prevent mustiness from setting in, make sure to clean and store the blankets and pillows in airtight containers.

Itemize Each Box

The last thing you want next year is to dig through a dozen boxes looking for a single specific item. That’s why you should create an index card and list each item inside the container on the card. The few minutes you put in doing this will keep your stuff organized and save you a lot of frustration next time around.

Choose Ample Storage Space

If you lack an appropriate and large enough storage space, use the professional help of Slater Transfer and Storage. Our moving and storage experts can help your pack and organize your holiday items, then safely store them at one of our designated storage spaces. You can rest easy knowing that your holiday decorations will last years, and you won’t have to worry about organizing and giving up space. Contact us for storage information today!