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Move For Hunger

Each year, Move For Hunger creates healthy competition among moving companies across the nation to raise donations. Its goal is to not only fight hunger, but to reduce food waste. This past year, we participated in the competition to raise donations for Americans in need. Learn more about Move For Hunger below and the impact we had as a company in 2022.

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What is Move For Hunger?

Move for Hunger is a nonprofit organization that has created a new way for moving companies to not only reduce food waste, but help those in need of food. They do this by partnering with moving companies like Slater Transfer & Storage. When they partner with us and other moving companies, we give our customers an opportunity to donate any of their food when they hire us for their move. If they choose to donate their food, we deliver it to a local food bank for them.

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Not only does Move For Hunger partner with moving companies that will donate their clients’ food, but many members of Move For Hunger also participate in many volunteering activities, such as food drives and marketing campaigns. They also encourage employee giving programs.

Move For Hunger has been delivering food donations since 2009, and has in total delivered over 26 million meals. Move For Hunger is a great opportunity that we’re thrilled to be a part of as a moving company.

Slater Transfer & Storage Makes Top 25 Movers in the Country

Each year, Move For Hunger ranks the top 25 moving companies who had the biggest impact. In 2022, our Las Vegas location donated 11,816 pounds of food and beverages to a local food bank in Clark County, Nevada. Our donations were weighed and tickets were submitted to Move For Hunger for their food donation competition among moving companies.

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We are thrilled to announce that we made Move For Hunger’s list of Top 25 Movers in the country for the impact report for 2022. Our Las Vegas location placed 22 out of 25!

Not only did Slater Transfer & Storage Las Vegas make a huge impact, but Move For Hunger had one of its most successful years yet, with a total of 5,467,617 pounds of food transported by moving companies! They also delivered 4,556,347 meals to Americans in need. You can learn more about the amazing donations and contributions Move For Hunger made in 2022 on their website.

Help Us Donate More Contributions to Move For Hunger in 2023

If you’re interested in making a difference this year, let us help you to donate your spare food and beverages when you hire us as your moving company. Not only will we take care of your move for you, but we’ll drop your food off at a local food shelter to help battle food waste and get your extra food to those in need. At Slater Transfer & Storage, we’re proud to work with Move For Hunger and hope you’ll help us in donating even more this year!

Contact us today to learn more about our moving services and how we can donate your food for you.

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