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When is the Best Time to Move?

Moving boxes into truck

Have you been thinking of moving for a while? Whether you want to move down the street or to another state, you may wonder when you should actually plan your move. Generally speaking, some times are better for a move than others. For example, moving in the dead of winter is more dangerous, especially if you live in a colder climate.

But when are the best times of the year, month, and week to move? In this guide from the professional movers at Slater Transfer & Storage, we go into detail about the best times for a move.

Best Seasons for a Move

Do you have extra time and can plan your move in advance? If so, you’re probably deciding on the best season to move. While moving during the winter can be cheaper, you’ll probably want to pick to move during fall or spring. These are the safest and easiest times to move.

Why Move During Spring or Fall

Spring and fall both have better weather than the middle of winter or mid-summer, which can make things easier on everyone when it comes to packing and loading up trucks. They are also off-season since summer is the most common time to move, which means you’ll be getting a better price.

However, if you do plan a fall move, remember to consider school start times in your schedule. Whether you have kids of your own, or just want to avoid the college moving rush at the beginning of fall, it’s important to take into consideration these dates.

Best Time of Month for Moving

Now that you know what time of year to plan a move, you’re probably wondering if there’s a certain time during the month that is best to move.

If you can swing it, you’re best off moving in the middle of the month, not the beginning or the end. While you might not have enough wiggle room to do this, you’ll likely save money and stress if you do.

Why Move Mid-Month

Most leases on rentals are up at the end of the month. This means most people have to move at the very end of the month or the very start of it. So, it can be harder to find moving services during these times.

However, moving mid-month isn’t something that needs to be stressed. Ultimately, the best time of the month to move will depend on your family, job, and schedule.

Best Time of the Week to Move

Finally, let’s look at when is the best time of the week for your move. Just like with months, you’re better off moving in the middle of the week and avoiding the weekends. While weekends are convenient, keep in mind that they are going to be the most convenient for most people. Planning a midweek move will save you a lot of hassle.

If you have a more flexible job or work from home, moving during the weekdays allows you to get better deals on moving services and beat the crowds. But if moving during the middle of the week proves to be too complicated, do what is best for you.

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