When Is the Right Time to Schedule a Moving Truck?

When moving your home and your life to a new location, there are a million and one things to remember. Do you have enough boxes and plastic totes? Will your delicate items be protected on the journey? Have you called the movers to assist in getting everything into the truck? And then you remember: “I […]

5 Ways to Downsize & Declutter Before Moving

Whether it’s across the country or down the street, organizing and decluttering what you take with you is an excellent way to take the pressure off of a big move. The best decluttering process happens over a long period, preferably more than 30 days before your moving date. This gives you plenty of time to […]

How to Prepare for Your Out-of-State Move

moving checklist

When planning a long-distance move, there are two things you need to do: plan everything out to the minutest detail and be prepared for everything to go wrong. You should always have a contingency plan for moving. Make a long-distance move to a new state simpler and hassle-free by following these tips about packing, working […]

Three Tips for Storing Your Recreational Equipment Safely

Recreational Equipment

Enjoying the great outdoors isn’t something you need to put off until warmer weather. If you have recreational equipment like skis, kayaks, boats, and snowboards, you have the gear you need to turn any time of the year into an awesome adventure! Of course, the last thing you want to see is your equipment gathering […]

4 Tips for Storing and Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to gather family members around the tree and enjoy time together! Decorating for the season is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, especially if decorating is a family tradition. Could you imagine, though, if you went to collect your decorations just to discover that a […]

7 Tips for Moving to a New Home in the Winter

move to a new home

Deciding to move to a new home, condominium, or apartment can be an exciting adventure, especially when it comes to reorganizing and planning out your near future. Unfortunately, once the cold weather sets in, the idea of moving all your stuff out to the moving truck in the ice and snow can suddenly seem much […]

Leave These 7 Items to the Moving Professionals

Leave These 7 Items to the Moving Professionals

Everyone’s moving needs are different. You may be a family of one with only a few belongings to your name, or a family of five with a caravan of furniture, clothes, and daily necessities. No matter what it is you need to pack, some things are just better left to the professionals to transport for […]

10 Things to Consider When Searching for Storage Units

10 Things to Consider When Searching for Storage Units

At Slater Transfer & Storage we know there are multiple reasons for getting a storage unit, whether it’s because you’ll be moving soon or you want somewhere to put your holiday decorations until next year. In any case, storage units are a great way to clear up some space and to hold your belongings for […]

What Should I Not Pack in a Moving Truck?

What Should I Not Pack in a Moving Truck

Here’s a very realistic scenario: you are going on a long move to a new home, and you cannot wait to pack everything inside the truck and get on the road. Your home, however, has many belongings that may be difficult to place in the bumpy back of a truck. What may first come to […]

7 Simple Ways to Stay Organized in a Move

7 Simple Ways to Stay Organized in a Move

Moving into a new condo, apartment, or even a brand-new home is a wonderfully exciting time! Or, it can be, until you look into your closets and realize just how much stuff there is to go through before you make the move. It does not matter if the amount is small or large, however; staying […]