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8 Essential Tips for Moving into a Bigger House

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If you’re moving into a larger home, congrats! This is a big milestone for many families and individuals, especially if they have multiple children and have been wishing for some extra space for a while. Upsizing is an exciting event but can leave people feeling overwhelmed with the length of their resulting to-do lists. Follow these eight tips to help make your family’s residential moving experience as smooth as possible.

  1. 1. Ask yourself why. This is far from the most fun tip on the list, but it’s worth mentioning. Before you purchase a larger home, it’s always smart to take a step back and ask yourself if you really need that extra space—and the cost that comes with it. While upsizing is frequently a happy and needed change, there may be instances where it’s wiser in the long-term to make do with a slightly smaller space.
  2. 2. Take your time settling in. Moving is a big task, and unfortunately, the rest of life doesn’t usually stop to let you focus all your time and energy on getting it done. Give yourself time to rest in-between unpacking sessions. You might be living with boxes for an extra few days or weeks, but it will go a long way toward keeping your moving experience a positive one.
  3. 3. Don’t be afraid to try something new. A new home is a great opportunity to switch up your design style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with putting the furniture in your living room or bedroom in a new layout or trying out a splash of colorful paint on the walls. Even something as small as changing out the cushions on your sofa can go a long way toward mixing things up.
  4. 4. Unpack room by room. Moving into any new place can be overwhelming, especially if your new home is significantly larger than your last. To avoid feeling swamped with just how many boxes there are to unpack, try to go one room at a time. Doing this methodically will help keep the unpacking process manageable and organized.
  5. 5. Focus on what’s most important. In addition to going room by room, it’s also a good idea to prioritize which rooms in your home are most important. As tempting as it may feel to get started on putting together your new guest bedroom, study, home gym, or other exciting space, stick to high-traffic areas first. During the first few days, weeks, or months, it’s more important to get your kitchen and living room in order than a storage room or other auxiliary space.
  6. 6. Be smart when packing. You’ve probably heard more advice about packing than you could ever remember, but it’s because it’s important; the way you pack your belongings directly correlates to how easy it is to unpack at your new home. Take the time to declutter before you move, then make sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack your belongings in an organized way.
  7. 7. Know what you’re getting into. Bigger houses are usually more expensive, not just in purchase price but also in upkeep and maintenance. Before you move in, make sure you have a basic idea of what your new utilities, taxes, and other costs will look like to avoid being financially blindsided.
  8. 8. Hire professionals to help you move. No matter how far you’re moving and how many things you need to pack and unpack, one thing is always true: professional help makes it easier! Hiring a professional moving company like Slater Transfer & Storage saves you valuable time, gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe, and lets you focus on enjoying life in your new home.

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