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7 Simple Ways to Stay Organized in a Move

7 Simple Ways to Stay Organized in a Move

Moving into a new condo, apartment, or even a brand-new home is a wonderfully exciting time! Or, it can be, until you look into your closets and realize just how much stuff there is to go through before you make the move. It does not matter if the amount is small or large, however; staying organized is the key to a more successful and stress-free moving experience. Here are seven simple ways you can keep everything manageable and organized while in the process.

1. Start With a Single Room At a Time

The last thing you want to do in a move is to start packing here, start some packing there, pack these, pack those, and suddenly you have to walk through a minefield to get anywhere. Start with a single room at a time, and have everyone in your household help with that single room until it is done and organized. Start with rooms in your home that are “non-essential.” You will probably need your kitchen for a while, as an example.

2. Stick to a System

Online, there are many types of checklists you can follow to begin and follow through your packing process. Use a binder and keep everything written down. Items you should keep inside this binder are receipts from us or your utility company, birth records, medical records, school records, necessary financial documents, and any other paperwork you may consider important for the move itself.

3. Color-Coding Your Boxes

Color-coding is a bit easier with plastic bins than it is with cardboard boxes, but it can be done! Instead of using a black sharpie to mark your untold amount of boxes, take some colored sharpies or even colored pieces of duct tape to mark which boxes should go to which room.

4. Set Apart Time to Go Through Old and Numerous Belongings

This is one of the hardest tasks any homeowner has if they are moving into a new space: going through old or stored belongings. Many people have a garage or storage rooms full of items or clothes from the past, and everything needs to be gone through. Organize your “wanted items” into a corner, your “donations” in another, and your “garbage” collection close by nicely in order to ensure you do not lose keepers or keep garbage.

5. Hang Onto Donation Lists and Receipts

If you should decide to donate old belongings to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, make sure to hang onto any receipts they may give you, especially if you decide to make an itemized list of your donated items. These can be deductible from your taxes come tax season, and can save you quite a bit if you have a lot to donate.

6. Tie Cords, Baggies, and See-Through Containers

Some important tools to have on hand include tie cords and baggies for smaller items and bags. Large items are rarely forgotten, but you may be surprised at how easily items like medications, band-aids, pencils and pens, spices, spare change, and small collectibles can be in a move. For containers filled with small items, see-through plastic containers can be especially helpful to keep track of what you have (in addition to the color-coding, of course).

7. Always Keep Our Information On Hand

Slater Transfer & Storage in St. George, UT, Las Vegas, NV, and Albuquerque, NM is here with all your moving needs. Instead of taking the full burden of your belongings, let our trained movers assist you in moving from one home to another. During the whole process, we will keep you apprised of every change. But always keep our information on hand if you have any questions. In Nevada, Utah, or New Mexico, we will take you as far as you need to go to help you make the transition into a new chapter in your story!