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6 Benefits to Working with Local Moving Companies

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Discover a reliable moving company from the very beginning by choosing a local moving company. Local movers will not only save you time and money, but you will receive a level of personal service you won’t find from a large moving and delivery chain. Here are six benefits you can expect from choosing Slater Transfer & Storage when moving locally.

1.  You’ll Save Money from the Beginning

Moving can be an expensive endeavor. The last thing you need when moving to a new location is a large moving bill. When you work with a local mover, you will see savings that national moving brands won’t be able to match.

2.  It’s Easier to Set Your Schedule

Worried that your moving company will be booked on the day you need to move into your new home or apartment? Local moving companies are much more accommodating of your specific timetable. If the local moving company provides a consultation, setting your schedule will even be a central point of discussion (more on that later).

3.  Searching for “Moving Services Near Me” Is Super Easy

Although you might think Google would place a huge emphasis on national moving brands, the opposite is actually true. With a simple search term in Google, Bing, or other search engines, local companies typically appear high on the list, often displaying reviews right alongside their location and website. It’s amazing how simple it is to find a trustworthy local moving company!

4.  Expert Knowledge of the Area

In general, national moving companies are chains connecting regions throughout the country. Sometimes the movers working at specific locations will know the layout of your city. Other times, the drivers and movers themselves have moved as they travel the country.

If you choose to work with a reputable local moving company, you can guarantee the movers live in the areas they serve, so they won’t get lost on their way to your future home.

5.  Personalized Service

Personal and one-on-one service is one of the most important benefits of working with a local moving company. Local movers are often small businesses that thrive on generating an excellent reputation for dedication and professionalism. Because of this, a local mover like Slater Transfer & Storage will bend over backward to ensure each client’s satisfaction through every step of the moving process.

6.  You’ll Receive a Face-to-Face Consultation

Unlike a national moving brand that typically will provide only some movers and a truck, a local company will provide consultation services to schedule the work by your precise deadline. Even if the large brand offers the same level of consultation, they will likely be much more expensive and less knowledgeable about your destination.

Hire Local Movers for a Smooth Move

When it’s time for you to move your home or business, it’s worth exploring the local moving companies near you. Not only are they close, but they offer several advantages that you don’t get when you work with a larger, national company.

If you’re looking for local movers near Albuquerque or Las Vegas, choose Slater Transfer & Storage. One of the many benefits of working with our local moving company is that we partner with Atlas Van Lines for distances both long and short. If you are trying to find “local moving companies near me” on search engines, you’ll discover that our reputation as a moving service is stellar and highly recommended by many satisfied clients.

Call now and work with us to make your next local move stress-free!