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5 Tips to Smoothly Move Out of the Country

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Moving abroad is a thrilling opportunity that will broaden your horizons and provide you with countless experiences. But one aspect of an international move can dampen your spirits: preparing to move.

No matter how many times you’ve moved in the past, getting everything ready to move to another country can be intimidating. Fortunately, our international movers have experience in helping dozens of people just like you successfully relocate to a different country. Whether you’re staying abroad for a couple of months or looking for a more permanent living situation, these tips can help you best prepare for your international move.

1. Get Your Documents in Order

There’s no shortage of paperwork when it comes to moving out of the country. The trick is making sure you take care of all the necessary paperwork before you move. Of course, the exact documentation you have to fill out depends on both your home country and destination country. But some of the documents you’ll need for an international move will likely include:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)
  • Medical Records
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Marriage Certificate
  • School Records
  • Pet Health Documentation
  • Customs Forms

The sooner you have your documents ready, the better. The application process takes longer if you’re applying for one rather than renewing one. Additionally, some nations require you to have a valid passport for at least six months before you can move into the country. Send in your applications early so that you’ll get them back in time, even if there is a delay.

2. Update Your Providers about the Move

Let your phone provider, bank, and credit card company know that you’ll be making a move abroad. If your credit card company doesn’t know you’re out of the country, they may assume your purchases are fraudulent or even freeze your card. When you tell your bank about the move, they’ll let you know of any branches they have near your new location.

3. Decide to Ship, Store, or Leave Behind

When you move overseas, you have to decide between shipping, storing, or leaving your belongings behind. Your gut reaction may be to take everything you have with you, but you might not need it all. If you choose to ship your belongings, keep in mind that shipping costs are typically based on weight. If you plan on returning to your home country, storing some of your belongings in a storage facility is a viable option. Look for a dependable storage facility that offers long-term storage and affordable rates. If you’re looking to start over fresh, you can always leave everything behind and buy the essentials once you get to your destination.

4. Pack Your Belongings

If you choose to leave everything behind, skip this step and have a yard sale instead. But for those of you who want to keep at least some of your things, start packing as soon as your move is settled. You can never start packing too early, especially for an out-of-country move. Now is the time to trim down your belongings. Decide what you no longer want or need—for your current home or international home. Don’t forget to buy enough moving supplies for everything you own, regardless of it coming with you or not. If you want a little help or don’t have enough time to pack everything on your own, turn to a moving company like Slater. Professional movers can take care of packing to give you more time to get everything else done for your move.

5. Check Health Insurance

Depending on your healthcare provider, your health insurance may not cover you while overseas. Additionally, you’ll need to check your prescriptions to ensure you’ll have enough to last while you’re gone. If you’re planning to permanently move to another country, you’ll want to look into your prescription’s availability in your new country. You’ll also want to research the country’s healthcare system to know what you should expect while you’re there.

Move Long Distances without the Hassle

Moving to another country promises adventure, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. The best tip is to begin preparing for your move early. Get your documents together, check insurance, notify your providers, determine what to do with your things, and pack. You’ll find that the sooner you take care of these things, the less anxiety you’ll feel about your move. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on saying goodbye to your current home and get excited about your new one. No matter how long you’ll be gone or where you’re going, the Slater moving experts are here to help your international move a good one. Contact us for moving services, estimates, and more information today!