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4 Reasons Fall is Perfect for Renting a Storage Unit

Storage space with packed boxes

While people often talk about spring cleaning, fall is another time of year when it makes a lot of sense to downsize. But, as you go through your stuff, you may realize you need extra storage space. In this case, renting a storage unit can free up some extra room around your home or garage.

Of course, it makes sense to rent a storage unit anytime you need one, but there are a few reasons why autumn is the perfect time of year to declutter and keep some items stored away.

Reason 1: You’ll Make Room for the Holidays

If you’re like many people, you may end up with extra stuff over the holiday season. Getting and giving presents might be exciting, but you may find you don’t have as much space around your home as you used to. Instead of stressing about what to do with all your items, clearing out that extra room now will make the hustle and bustle of the season a little less stressful. This will free up more time to enjoy the fun with family and friends.

Reason 2: It’s Off-Season for Moving

Summer is a common time for people to do a local or long-distance move. And, as people are moving to new homes and apartments, they often rent storage units to store their stuff in the meantime. This means that it can be harder to find a unit to rent and prices could be higher. So, renting once fall begins can make the process simpler and even more affordable.

Reason 3: The Weather is Less Intense

While summertime might mean many fun activities like going to the pool, it can be really hot. Moving boxes or furniture in and out of your home can be exhausting in the summer heat. But, autumn is a good time for this. It cools down enough that you’re not overheating, but it’s also not cold and icy yet.

Reason 4: You Just Need the Space

The best time of year to store extra stuff is when you need to store extra stuff. You may feel motivated to do some deep cleaning now as you prepare to put up fall and then winter decorations. So, as you find yourself without storage space, renting a unit is a great choice.

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