12 Things to Do 2 Weeks Before You Move

Moving is a very stressful time. There are so many things that need to be taken care of: packing, paying bills, canceling subscriptions—it can be a lot. Stress can cause you to get aggravated or frustrated, making haphazard decisions. The best way to avoid or mitigate that stress is to have a concrete checklist and plan for what you need to do each day as the day of the move draws closer.

Two weeks before the big move is crunch time. You need to get everything done that doesn’t have to wait until the last minute, but what does that include? Here are 12 things you should do when you have two weeks left until you move.

Get your car checked and fully serviced: This should be done at least a week in advance, especially if you’re planning to drive to your new destination. This way you have a little time to get any needed repairs done before you leave.

Make other travel arrangements: If you will be traveling by air, search travel deals online so you can get the best deal for you and your family. If you have pets, research travel-friendly airlines and what kind of carriers they provide.

Update your address: Redirect all your mail, bills, and subscriptions to your new home. Pay the bills for the current place that need to be paid and have the internet service disconnected.

Update your car registration and insurance: If you’re moving to a different state, inform the local license registration office. Let them know ahead of time so that everything will be ready for your arrival. You’ll also want to research the process of registration in your new state if you’re moving out of state.

Call your insurance company: Transfer your home insurance to your new home. Discuss any changes in your policy or coverage.

Take stock of your medication: Let your pharmacy know about your move and change of address. Make sure you have enough medication to last until you can get to your new home.

Clear out an area in the driveway: You’re going to need as much space as you can get to park a moving van or load items into your car. If you are packing belongings into your car, be sure that you can access all doors.

Dispose of any toxic chemicals: Toxic chemicals like paint, bleach, and cleaning products can’t just be tossed out. Find a safe way to dispose of these items before you go.

Return all library books: If you have any books from the local library, take them back before you get everything packed up. This will help prevent any library books from accidentally moving with you.

Eat the food in the freezer and pantry: Eat up what you can so there is less food to carry with you. Plus, this helps you save some costs from eating out.

Keep packing: Slowly but surely, pack a little bit every day. Label boxes with as much detail as you can to help with unpacking when you get to your new location.

Get in touch with your moving company: Confirm the date and time your movers should show up.

Remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Some of the bigger tasks (like sorting what goes with you and what gets donated, packing the bigger items, and cleaning up) become a whole lot easier with extra sets of helping hands. If you ask your friends and family for help, it’s also a great way to spend more time with them before heading out. You can even turn it into a farewell party!

Most of all, enjoy the process, take it one step at a time, and try not to be overwhelmed. To make sure your move goes off without a hitch, contact Slater Transfer and Storage today!