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Moving across town is easy. Interstate and international moving involves a whole different type of risk. Contact our experienced team today!

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If you’ve ever seen a long line of moving trucks rumbling down the interstate, you probably saw one of our specialized fleets performing one of our biggest moving projects.

Along with our licensed and insured long-distance moving services, Atlas Van Lines Slater Transfer & Storage has commercial moving, local moving, and two amazing 80,000 sq. ft. storage facilities for you.

Las Vegas International Movers

Before actually packing-up, you need to have a game plan. For example:
Moving around your state can be stressful. Moving across country? Sometimes that can be unimaginable. Moving out of country? Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin.
What are the moving regulations where you’re going? What are the limits? How do you get your belongings into that quaint little cottage in the English country side, or into that flat in Belgium?
We are experts when it comes to international moving. We understand that there are a lot of questions and a lot of nerves when it comes to moving out of country, and we take it to heart to make your move as easy as possible. Whether you’re moving to another country for your career or to rejoin a loved one, we want to make sure that you know you’re belongs will be transported with the utmost care and will be delivered efficiently and securely.
Just like with a domestic move, we’re going to create a plan with you, one that makes your move as easy as possible. You’ll have a Project Manager who will come out to your home and survey everything that will need to be moved. Our employees are all extensively background checked, have corporate badges, and have gone through drug screening, so that our customers have the greatest peace of mind. Once the survey is completed, an estimation of costs will be drawn up, and a plan will be created from point A to point Z. If it’s something that you want, we’ll help you pack and prepare all of your belongings for the long haul. We work with international partners who hold their employees to the same high standards that we do, so once the move is underway, you know you’re still in the best hands. We will even help you arrange for storage if your new house isn’t quite ready for you.
Are you moving with little ones? We know that, for them, moving can be scary and exciting, and that their world is wrapped up in their environment. We strive to make sure that they can get to their things swiftly, that way they start feeling better in their new home as quickly as possible. The act of moving can be traumatizing enough without them worrying if their toys made it. We will ensure that they have peace of mind, too, that way you can have a less stressful move.
Moving to Europe can be completely different than moving to South American, and we have the expertise to help you with your move, wherever it may be. Whether you’re going to Ireland or Thailand or Brazil, our expert teams are ready to help make the next phase of your life exciting, without all the stress. Don’t worry about whether you’re going to South America, Europe, Asia, or Australia! We strive to ensure that your belongs make it safe and sound, and that you know exactly when we’ll be ready to deliver them to your new home.
Even if your family isn’t moving all at once, we plan your move in advance to make sure that you are comfortable with every aspect of the journey. We want to make sure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the move itself.
Moving to another country is such an exciting time; it really does feel like the beginning of an adventure, and all great adventures start with a team behind you, a team you can trust in to make sure everything goes right. Our team of experts are experienced, skilled, and flexible, and we strive to be considerate and compassionate in this exciting, but sometimes stressful, journey. Let us help you make the trip easy, so that you can start enjoying your new international life.

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