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Every family is different, and so is every customer. At Slater Transfer & Storage, we respond to unique customer needs with a time-proven commitment to integrity, quality and solutions. We understand that your business is your life, and moving a business can be just as stressful as moving your home. That’s why we take every precaution to make sure that your business is protected while it’s being moved.

We work with you to make the moving transition as smooth as possible. Whether you’re expanding and moving just some of your office equipment and supplies from one location to another, or relocating your business entirely, we’re here to help make everything easy. Our employees are clean and professional, and go through an extensive background check; we only employee the best so that you have movers you can trust. Our commercial movers are licensed, bonded and insured as well, giving you even more peace of mind during this exciting time.

Why Choose Slater’s Commercial Moving Services for Albuquerque and New Mexico Moves?


Corporate movers

The more prepared you are, the more at ease you’ll be with this new transitional period for your business. That’s why we develop plans with you in advance, so you know exactly how everything will go when the big day arrives. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to inform your customers and employees, and we strive to go through all the options with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

Though each move comes with its own unique situations and challenges, our basic system remains tried and true. Before the move even begins, you’ll meet with your own project coordinator. Every employee has a badge, is background checked and drug screened; our employees are held to rigorous standards to provide the best service for you. Your project coordinator will survey everything that will need to be moved, as well as map a layout of your offices if this need arrives. They’ll then proceed to the new site where everything is going to be delivered and survey that as well, that way a detailed plan of the layout and the move can be developed. When it comes time to move, we color-coordinate each individual office, that way we can easily get all of your important items back where they go. We also offer a variety of different boxes for specialty items, such as files, to make your move easier. When it comes time to move, your Project Coordinator will make sure that all of the workstations are set up in your new location and that all of the corresponding colors match the offices where they are supposed to go, making the transition as smooth as possible.

If you’re not going directly to your new site, for whatever reason, we also offer storage in a safe, temperature-controlled location. We’ll even work with you if you have equipment and supplies that need to be moved from a storage unit to your new place of business. Our commercial and office moving professionals are held to the highest levels of excellence, striving to take as much of the burden away from you as possible.

Does your business have vehicles that need to be moved as well? We can help with that too! Our goal is to make your commercial move in Albuquerque, New Mexico and throughout the state.

National and International Corporate Relocation Services

Is your business expanding into another state or country? We’re just a call away to help make that potentially stressful interstate, national or international commercial move calm and effortless. We’re experienced with transcontinental and international moves, and understand the worries and fears that come with such an immense transition. Does your corporate expansion require relocating your employees? We offer relocation services for your employees, whether they’re moving within the state or expanding their horizons outside of the state.

These are the values that made Atlas a world leader in moving and logistics, and at Slater Transfer & Storage, we take these values to heart. We strive for integrity, quality and solutions for your unique needs. These values are the foundation for a full range of business solutions in global relocation, benefits, recruiting, logistics and travel. Our values are the promises we make to you.

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